Friday, August 26, 2011

Partition Error....!!!

Are you facing problems with partitioning your Hard disk...??

Its a simple trick to overcome...

Just create your Partitions with earlier versions of Windows or any Linux Platforms...
( i.e. if u are willing to install Windows 7 with more partitions, Just do Partitions with Windows XP and install XP... After completing process just overwrite Windows XP with your Windows 7 )

Install the Operating System...

Now format and install your favorite Operating System... Enjoy....!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Control your Startup Programs and make your PC works fast :)

  1. Start -> Run ( Win + R )
  2. type msconfig
  3. Navigate to Start-up Tab.
  4. Uncheck unwanted programs.
  5. Speed up your PC :)

Check the complete details of your PC :)

  1. Start -> Run ( Win + R )
  2. type dxdiag
  3. Click Yes if  OS prompts to check DirectX Details.
  4. Check your PC Details :)

NTLDR is compressed

The NTLDR file must be altered in order to clear this error and correctly boot.

  1. Insert Windows XP boot disk.
  2. Enter into boot screen and wait until you get setup screen
  3. Press 'R' to enter into Recovery Console.
  4. When the console asks you to choose a Windows install to work with, enter 1 and press Enter
  5. When prompted, enter your Administrator password
  6. At the command prompt, enter the following commands, pressing Enter after each:
  7. cd \
    attrib -c c:\ntldr 
  8. Restart your computer and the error should be gone – you can restart by typing Exit and pressing Enter.